Light Meter with Logger

Light Meter with Logger
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Product SKU: 751-545 - Without NIST

Product: Light Meter with Logger

Light Meter with Logger


Wide measuring range: 0 to 10,000 footcandles (0 to 100,000 lux)

Timed mean and multiple-point mean calculations

Logger stores up to 3000 values

Low cost — ideal for light measurement in schools and public buildings


The 545 Light Meter/Logger is ideal for fast, easy, and non-disruptive measurement and documentation of light quality in the workplace, hospitals, schools, and homes. The meter's special optic filters and light-measuring cell produce a reading that is displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD.



 Cat. No.

545 Light Meter/Logger* includes meter with probe, battery and calibration protocol 751-545

*Not Suitable for photography; accessories available

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