Button Aerosol Sampler

Button Aerosol Sampler
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Product SKU: See Table below for filter types

Product: Button Aerosol Sampler

For Low-level Inhalable PM Sampling

  • 4 L/min flow rate enhances sensitivity
  • Follows closely the ACGIH/ISO sampling criteria for inhalable particulate mass
  • Low sensitivity to wind direction and velocity
  • Reduces electrostatic effects
  • Small and lightweight
  • Autoclavable
  • Reduces oversampling of very large particles
  • Suitable for collecting bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis
  • Ideal for personal and area sampling

Sample Time:


Sample Rate: 4 L/min optimum
Sample Pump: AirChek XR5000
Sample Media:
25 mm filters

The patented* reusable SKC Button Aerosol Sampler is a filter sampler with a porous curved-surface inlet designed to improve the collection characteristics of inhalable dust (< 100 m aerodynamic diameter), including bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis. The conductive stainless steel inlet reduces electrostatic effects and contains evenly spaced holes that act as sampling orifices for multi-directional sampling and low sensitivity to wind direction and velocity. The proximity of the filter to the inlet minimizes transmission losses and provides equal distribution of particle loading and low intersample variation. The Button Sampler follows closely the ACGIH/ISO sampling criteria for inhalable particulate mass at 4 L/min. A convenient conductive plastic transport case is available for shipping the filter samples to a laboratory for analysis.

Recommended 25-mm Filters for Button Sampler

The Button Sampler requires a 25-mm filter for sampling. Pore sizes greater than 1 micron are recommended to lower back pressure and enhance sample time with personal sample pumps.


Cat. No.


PVC, 5.0 m
225-8-04 100
Glass Fiber
225-702 500
MCE, 1.2 m 225-1912 100
PTFE, 3.0 m 225-1711 50
Gelatin, sterilized 225-9551 50

Back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot.


Cat. No.

Button Sampler, requires a 25-mm filter, see above 225-360
Button Sampler Pump Kit includes Button Sampler, standard XR5000 Sample Pump, single charger, 0.9 meter (3 feet) of Tygon tubing, and calibration adapter, requires a 25-mm filter; see above 100-240 V

Abrasive Blasting Kit includes Button Sampler and protective shield, requires a 25-mm filter; see above


Protective Shield, for abrasive blasting environments 225-366
Button Sampler Calibration Adapter 225-361
Filter Transport Case, for 25-mm filters, conductive plastic 225-67

* U.S. Patent Nos. 5,954,845 and 5,958,111


Sampling Bioaerosols with the Button Sampler

For growth cultures, use the Button Sampler with a sterile gelatin filter to help maintain microorganism viability.

Recommended Pump for Button Sampler - AirCheck XR 5000

Size Selective Sampling

Size-selective sampling of industrial aerosols is based on the measurement of particles associated with a specific human health effect. ACGIH recommends that particle size-selective threshold limit values (TLVs) be expressed as follows:

1. Inhalable (100-m 50% cut-point), hazardous when deposited anywhere in the respiratory tract.

2. Thoracic (10-m 50% cut-point), hazardous when deposited anywhere in the lung airways and the gas exchange regions.

3. Respirable (4-m 50% cut-point), hazardous when deposited in the gas exchange regions of the lungs.

PM2.5 and PM10 sampling according to EPA regulations determines compliance with ambient air quality standards, sources of particles, and effects on the environment and public health.

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