Gelatin Filters

Gelatin Filters
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Product: Gelatin Filters

Preserve Viability of Microbes

Gelatin filters reliably retain bacteria and viruses and are routinely used to collect airborne microorganisms for quantitative analysis. The gelatin's inherent high-moisture content helps to maintain viability of stress-sensitive microorganisms for sampling periods up to 30 minutes. Gelatin filters dissolve easily when placed on agar, allowing a gentle transition from sample medium to growth medium. Storage at temperatures from 2 to 35 C (35.6 to 95 F) is recommended. Avoid exposure to temperatures below 2 C, moisture, and chemical vapors.

Filter sampling for bioaerosols is easy, efficient, and can provide information about relative changes in bioaerosol concentration throughout the day. However, filter sampling of less hardy microorganisms can reduce culturability due to desiccation. The use of gelatin filters can help to maintain viability. For maximum culturability and superior collection of inhalable-size bioaerosols, combine gelatin filters with the SKC Button Sampler.


  • Sterilized with gamma radiation
  • High moisture content
    - Maintains viability for short sampling periods
  • Dissolve easily when placed on agar


Diameter (mm)

Support Pad‡


Cat. No.


water soluble 225-9551†* 50
37 No water soluble 225-9552* 50

† Recommended for use with IOM and Button Samplers, see pages 86-87

* Limited shelf-life; storage at temperatures from 2 to 35 C (35.6 to 95 F) is recommended



Using Gelatin Filters in the Button Sampler

For maximum microorganism survivability and superior collection of inhalable-size bioaerosols, use sterile gelatin filters with the SKC Button Sampler. The Button Sampler features a unique inlet that contains evenly spaced holes that act as sampling orifices for multidirectional sampling. The proximity of the filter to the inlet minimizes transmission losses and provides equal distribution of particle loading and low intersample variation. Combining the Button Sampler with the nurturing properties of gelatin filters creates a sampler that is most efficient at collecting inhalable bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis. See Size-selective Samplers for more information on the Button Sampler.

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