Passive Sampling Guide

Passive Sampling Guide
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Product: Passive Sampling Guide

SKC Passive Sampling Guide

SKC passive samplers are ready to use and provide a reliable and economical method for air sampling. Available for personal and area sampling, SKC offers samplers for a wide variety of chemical hazards to meet OSHA, NIOSH, and ASTM International methods. Use the information below to select a passive sampler that fits your application(s).

Validation for Compliance Sampling

Due to design, passive (diffusive) samplers require extensive testing to ensure sample validity. Passive samplers can be validated to different protocols including OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, and ASTM International.

Validation for 24-hour Passive Sampling

Initially validated for eight-hour personal sampling only, SKC 575 Series Passive Samplers (Cat. Nos. 575-001 and 575-002) have been validated for 24-hour sampling of specific indoor air pollutants in the 10 to 200-ppb concentration range. See Passive Samplers for PPM-level Organic Vapors for a list of compounds and ordering information.

Passive Samplers for VOCs

For VOCs listed in EPA Method TO-17 (SKC update), see pages 62-63 for ordering information.

SKC Validation of 575 Series Passive (Diffusive) Samplers

SKC has validated its 575 Series Passive Samplers for organic vapors to the rigorous NIOSH and ANSI testing protocols. SKC validations include the following:

Full - Passed all NIOSH Partial validation protocol and factorial study, including interfering compounds; most rigorous test; includes all parameters affecting sampling accuracy.

Bi-level - A key member of a homologous series passed Full validation, all others passed Partial. Validity shown by Guild et al (reference available).

Partial - Passed NIOSH protocol for sampling rate, desorption efficiency, humidity effects, reverse diffusion, and storage stability (reactive compounds).

Calculated - Uptake Rate = D x (A/L). "D" is a diffusion coefficient calculated from the Hierschfelder Equation. "A/L" is a constant based on the geometry of the sampler.

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