FluoroFilm Air Sample Bags

FluoroFilm Air Sample Bags
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Product: FluoroFilm Air Sample Bags

 For Low-level Sampling with Analysis in > 1 Day


  • FluoroFilm FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is the most chemically inert of all bag material
  • Very low VOC and sulfur background
  • Choice of all-in-one PTFE or stainless steel hose/valve and septum fitting
  • Mechanically strong 2-mil FEP — resists impact and tearing
  • Custom bags available


FluoroFilm Bags with Single Stainless Steel Fitting

Maximum Capacity (liter)

Cat. No.


Single Stailess Steel Fitting

0.5 243-02 5 FlexFoil_Plus_SSteel_Fitting
1 243-01 5
3 243-03 5
Replacement Septa 233-01-RS 10


FluoroFilm Bags with Single PTFE Fitting

Maximum Capacity (liter)

Cat. No.


Single PTFE Fitting

0.5 240-02 5

1 240-01 5

3 240-03 5
Replacement Septa 233-01-RS 10


 Tech Tips

  • Use only PTFE tubing for bag sampling to prevent sample loss through adsorption to the tubing's inner surface.
  • Sample bag maximum operating temperature can be dictated by the temperature tolerances of the bag material, fitting material, and/or fitting components such as O-rings.

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