HAZ-DUST IV Partculate Monitor

HAZ-DUST IV Partculate Monitor
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Product SKU: 770-4004

Product: HAZ-DUST IV Partculate Monitor

HAZ-DUST IV Particulate Monitor

Personal Monitor with Concurrent Filter Sample

Immediate display of particle concentration in mg/m3
• TWA, STEL, Max, and Min

Interchangeable sampling heads
• Inhalable adapts to IOM Sampler to meet inhalable convention
• Thoracic sampling head (included) meets thoracic convention
• Respirable adapts to GS-3 Cyclone to meet respirable convention

Internal adjustable sample pump — 1.0 to 3.3 L/min

In-line cassette directly behind sensor for concurrent filter sampling
• Use sample to correct data for local dust (see right)

Audible alarm with adjustable threshold

Worker comfort
• Small, lightweight case attaches at waist
• Miniature sensor clips in breathing zone

DustComm Pro Software for downloading, basic trend analysis, and comprehensive graphical reporting

Run time over 8 hours with rechargeable NiMH battery


The HAZ-DUST IV, with new infrared detector, displays immediate breathing zone measurements and comprehensive graph reporting of aerosol and dust for industrial hygiene and environmental air investigations. Target specific particle fractions by installing an inhalable, thoracic, or respirable sampling head. An in-line 37-mm cassette behind the sensor may be used to collect a concurrent filter sample for gravimetric or chemical analysis. 


HAZ-DUST IV Intuitive Operation

Four simple keys and menu-driven instructions display on an easy-to-read LCD to make HAZ-DUST IV operation easy. Simply select the desired particle type and connect the sampling head to the sensor. Place a filter in the cassette behind the sensor, zero the unit, and clip the unit and sensor to a worker's clothing. Use the keypad to set the threshold alarm and begin monitoring.



 Cat. No.

HAZ-DUST IV Monitor includes monitor, thoracic head, in-line filter cassette, carry case, computer cable, battery charger (100-240 V), HAZ-DUST Media CD with instruction manual, and DustComm Pro Software ‡


HAZ-DUST IV Monitor Kit includes all items listed above plus GS Cyclone and adapter, IOM and adapter, calibration jar and standard. 


‡ Requires calibration with equipment sold separately, see accessories


Sample Heads

 Cat. No.

Inhalable Sampling Head and Adapter, IOM Sampler, mounts on HAZ-DUST IV sensor 770-115A
Thoracic Sampling Head, mounts on inlet or HAZ-DUST IV sensor 770-4107
Respirable Sampling Head, GS-3 Cyclone, mounts on HAZ-DUST IV sensor
Adapter for Respirable Sampling Head, required when using GS-3 Cyclone


Calibration Standard for Monitor, for verifying span and optical sensor performance 770-140
Calibration Jar, for calibrating and setting pump flow when using respirable sampling head 225-112
Zeroing Accessory, for clean-air zeroing of sensor when using inhalable sampling head 770-4202A
Zeroing Filter, for use with respirable and thoracic sampling heads 770-4102


HAZ-DUST IV Performance Profile

Accuracy: ± 10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust

Sensing Range: 0.01 to 200 mg/m3

Resolution: 0.01 mg/m3

Particle Size Range: 0.1 to 100 ΅m

Precision: ± 0.02 mg/m3

Calibration: NIOSH Method 0600 gravimetric reference

Factory calibrated for respirable particulate mass (size range 0.1 to 50 ΅m) with a 50% cut-point of 4.0 ΅m (± 10% with NIST-traceable SAE fine test dust), which falls under the ACGIH/ISO/CEN criteria.



Dust Correction Factors

The TWA results from the HAZ-DUST IV in-line filter sample can be used to calculate a scale factor to correct for local dust characteristics. Calculate the scale factor by dividing the filter TWA result by the HAZ-DUST IV TWA result for the same sampling period. Enter the scale factor into the menu on the HAZ-DUST IV unit to correct succeeding results when monitoring in the same type of atmosphere.


Tech Tips

Selecting a Filter for HAZ-DUST IV

• 37-mm quartz filter Cat. No.225-1822 is ideal for gravimetric analysis and elemental chemical analysis of carbon-based compounds

• 37-mm PVC filter Cat. No.225-8-01 is suitable for economical general gravimetric analysis only

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