Defender Primary Standard Calibrators

Defender Primary Standard Calibrators
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Product: Defender Primary Standard Calibrators

 Primary Standard Calibrator

  • Designed exclusively for the occupational health and safety industry and built on next-generation DryCal® technology!
  • Easy CalChek automatic calibration with AirChek 2000, AirChek 3000, and Leland Legacy pumps
  • Easy-to-use menu-driven system
  • Laboratory accuracy certified by NIST through NVLAP and backed by ISO 17025 accreditation, ANSI Z-540, and NIST Handbook 150
    - Volumetric accuracy is 1% of reading (510, 520, and 530 models)
    - Standardized accuracy is 1.2% (530 models)
  • Choice of 3 wide flow ranges
     - 5 to 500 ml, 50 ml to 5 liters, 300 ml to 30 liters
  • Easy jarless calibration for cyclones
  • Large illuminated graphical display with zoom feature
  • Sleek design fits in a briefcase and weighs only 0.8 kg (29 ounces)
  • 520 models record ambient temperature and pressure for enhanced audit trail
  • 530 models sense ambient temperature and pressure and standardize calibration readings
  • Optimizer Software for data transfer to a PC
  • RoHS compliant — lead-free components


DEFENDER — The Next Generation in Dry Calibration

Easy menu system

  • Select single, continuous (hands-free), or time interval readings; display units; and other parameters
  • Auto shutoff

Sleek, robust design — only 0.8 kg (29 ounces)

  • Smooth molded case fits into a briefcase
  • Interior shock absorbers for field use
  • Improved internal valve design for greater reliability
  • Large illuminated flow cell viewing window

Integrated serial PC interface and software for data transfer to a PC

  • Optimizer Software (included) provides a link to your PC and automatically transfers readings to be saved as a text file

520 model* contains automatic features for enhanced audit trail

  • Integrated temperature sensors and pressure transducers are directly in flow stream
  • Record ambient temperature and pressure data — no additional instruments needed
  • Enhance audit trail by documenting temperature and pressure conditions during air sampler calibrations

530 model standardizes or corrects flow to ambient temperature and pressure conditions

* Defender 520 documents temperature and pressure for audit trail. Choose Defender 530 for flow calibration corrected to these parameters.


Defender Recertification

SKC recommends annual factory service and calibration of your Defender primary standard to assure top performance within specifications.

The recertification price includes calibration and full product refurbishment as follows:

  • Preliminary dynamic flow comparison: Verification at 3 or more flow points against a lab standard to determine if performance is within tolerance
  • Maintenance: Disassembly to core components; inspection; applicable product upgrades; clean, repair, or replace parts as needed; recertify crystal timing device if applicable; calibrate temperature sensors and pressure transducers (model dependent)
  • Post dynamic flow comparison: Product is not returned until it passes this stringent test at 3 or more flow points.
  • Calibration certificates: - Recertification performed in the U.S. – NIST-traceable calibration certificate issued by a calibration laboratory accredited to ISO 17025, ANSI Z-540, and NIST Handbook 150 by NVLAP (NIST)
  • Recertification warranty: Warrants service, labor, and parts replacement against failure for 90 days from last date of recertification



Laboratory and Defender Accuracy

Laboratory accuracy is certified by NIST through NVLAP and backed by ISO 17025 accreditation. Volumetric accuracy for the Defender 510, 520, and 530 models is 1% of reading. The Defender 530 also features a standardized accuracy of 1.2%. 


Defender Calibrators

Defender Calibrators include lead-acid battery, multi-plug charger (100-240 V), Optimizer Software, 1-meter (39-inch) serial cable, and leak test caps; software requires Windows 2000, XP (sp 2 or 3), or Vista (32-bit version) and an RS-232 port or USB to RS-232 adapter 

Flow Range (ml/min)

Defender 510 Cat. No.

Defender 520
Cat No.

Defender 530
Cat No.

5 to 500
50 to 5000
300 to 30,000


Cat. No.

CalChek Communications Cable, required for CalChek calibration 210-502
Leak Test Caps, pk/10 717-512
Tubing Kit includes 10-cm (3.9-inch) length of 6.3-mm (¼-inch ID) Tygon Tubing, 10-cm (3.9-inch) length of 5-mm (3/16-inch ID) silicone tubing, and screw fitting adapter
Pelican Carry Case with customised foam, for single Defender, black 717-501
Nylon Carry Case with padded detachable shoulder strap, for single Defender, black 717-502
RS-23 Serial Card, detachable cable, RoHS compliant
The manufacturer supports use of this serial card only.

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