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Leland Legacy
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Product: Leland Legacy

High Flows — 5 to 15 L/min

Achieve flow rates that you couldn't reach before when using a personal sample pump. Leland Legacy® provides the high flows and long run times of a vacuum-style pump in a compact, portable, and battery-operated sampler.


Long Runs — 24 Hours on One Battery Charge

Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack provides 24-hour run times with impactors and other sampling devices with low back pressures*. Leland Legacy is ideal for 24-hour indoor air studies and unattended ambient air sampling.


The Ultimate in High Flow Sampling!


Advanced Flow Control

A patented# internal flow sensor measures flow directly and acts as a secondary standard to constantly maintain the set flow. Set flow is achieved immediately at start-up and flow calibration is automatically maintained by built-in sensors that compensate for differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure during sampling.


Flexible Programming

  • Manual three-button operation
    No tools needed! Simply use the Leland Legacy built-in keypad to set, calibrate, and sample!
    Real-time sampling parameters are available at the touch of a button.
  • PC programmability
    It's the ultimate in pump scheduling and record keeping! Use Leland Legacy with your PC and DataTrac Software to create complete running sequences, download sampling history, and generate sampling reports for ISO 9000, TQM programs, and occupational health and safety management systems. DataTrac is included in 5-pack Leland Legacy Kits or sold separately.


Accurate Automatic Calibration

The patented† built-in CalChek feature provides direct communication to a Defender primary standard for fast and easy calibration without manual adjustments. The Defender calibrator is sold separately or in convenient Leland Legacy CalChek Kits.


* Leland Legacy is not recommended for high back pressure applications such as asbestos clearance sampling.

# U.S. Patent No. 5,892,160

† U.S. Patent Nos. 6,227,031 and 6,363,769


Applications and Typical Run Times§

  • 24+ hours
    – Sioutas Impactor at 9 L/min
    – PEM with PTFE filter 225-1709* at 10 L/min
    – Low-volume PUF Tube at 5 L/min
    – PM2.5 or PM10 at 10 L/min
  • PAHs, PCBs, and organochlorine pesticides in ambient air at 10 L/min
  • 37-mm, 0.8-?m MCE filter cassette
    – 32 hours at 5 L/min (approx. 14 inches water back pressure)
    – 20 hours at 8 L/min (approx. 22 inches water back pressure)
  • Other sampling applications
    – Bioaerosols (spore traps/cassettes)
    – Cotton dust
    – Radon decay products
    – Isokinetic sampling

* Back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot.

§ Results obtained using a new pump and new fully charged battery. Pump and battery performance may vary.




Cat. No.

Leland Legacy Pump†# with Li-Ion battery pack and screwdriver set, requires charger, see kits or chargers below
Single Pump Kit†# includes pump as described above and single charger, in a Pelican carry case
5-pack Pump Kit†# includes 5 Leland Legacy pumps, Take Charge 5 Multi Charger, and DataTrac Software, in a Pelican case




Single CalChek Kit†# includes items in a single pump kit, a CalChek  communication cable, and a Defender calibrator with charger
5-pack CalChek Kit†# includes items in 5-pack pump kit, a CalChek communication cable, and a Defender calibrator with charger






Single Charger#, for Li-Ion battery powered pumps 100-240V 223-241
Take Charge 5 Multi-charger#, 5-station, for Li-Ion battery powered pumps 223-441
Battery Charging Adapter, for charging batteries outside the pump 223-248
CalChek Communication Cable, required for CalChek calibration, included in CalChek Kits above
Kit Cases
 - Single, Pelican
 - 5-pack, Pelican, on wheels for easy transport

Pump Pouch Noise-reducing, black nylon, reduces pump noise from 62.5 dB to 52 dB?
DataTrac Software for Leland Legacy 877-92
Replacement Battery Pack†, Li-Ion P75692NUL
Replacement Filter/O-ring Set, 5 filters and 1 O-ring P40021B
Replacement Inlet Filters, pk/50 P40021A

# Use in non-explosive environments only. Not intrinsically safe

† Leland Legacy pumps contain Li-Ion batteries and may be subject to special shipping regulations.

? Measured 1 meter (39 inches) from pump operating at 10 L/min without media

with Li-Ion battery pack and screwdriver set,
requires charger, see kits or chargers below

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