451126 Datalogging/Printing Anemometer

451126 Datalogging/Printing Anemometer
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Product SKU: 451126

Product: 451126 Datalogging/Printing Anemometer

Datalogging/Printing Anemometer

Measure, datalog, download and print air flow readings to a PC

Internal 1000 point datalogger plus PC data transfer via RS-232


Dual 4 digit (9999 count) Multi-function LCD with Data Hold

Accurate (3%) air velocity measurements in ft/min m/sec, knots, km/hr, and MPH units

Accurate (1.5F and 0.8C) temperature measurements

User selectable C/F units

Measures air volume in CFM (ft3/min) and CMM (m3/min)

Dual Display provides "air velocity + temperature" or "air flow + air area"

Remote vane sensor with built-in temperature sensor

MAX/MIN/Average record and recall functions

Complete with RS-232 interface, PC Windows software, cable, 9V battery and carrying case.


Heating and air conditioning installation and repair.

Air duct and ventilator analysis

Airflow rate in air ducts

Data storage for permanent records


Air Velocity: 0.3 to 45m/s Resolution - 0.1m/s Basic Accuracy - 3%

Air Velocity: 60 to 8800ft/min Resolution -10ft/min

Air Velocity: 0.7 to 100MPH Resolution - 0.1MPH

Air Velocity: 1 to 140km/h Resolution - 0.1km/h

Temperature: 0 to 50C Resolution - 0.1 Basic Accuracy - 0.8C

Temperature: 32 to 122F Resolution - 0.1 Basic Accuracy - 1.5F

Air Volume: CFM (ft/min) CMM (m/min)

Dimensions: 300 x 244 x 50mm (11.8 x 9.6 x 1.96")

Weight: 0.68kg (1.5lbs)

NIST Certificate

The 441126 Datalogging Anemometer are available wityh a NIST Certificate should one be required: 451126-NIST*

*Additional cost applicable

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