Sample Bags

SKC, the world leader in sampling technologies, produced its first sample bag in the late 1970s. The bag was made of Tedlar® film and soon became the classic sample bag for VOCs. Over the last 30 years, SKC Tedlar bags have been the number one choice of professionals. In March 2009, DuPont announced its plan to "phase out support" for Tedlar film in the sample bag market. SKC will continue to offer Tedlar bags while supplies last as well as highly inert FluoroFilm FEP bags. During this transition time, SKC announces new high-performance materials — SamplePro FlexFilm, Kynar, and FlexFoil PLUS — the next generation of sample bags. These materials provide new standards of performance for storage stability and background in bag sampling applications. In particular, ultra-clean FlexFoil PLUS sample bags provide low backgrounds and superior storage stability for 30 VOCs, many sulfur compounds including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane. See stability data at


  • Strong, evenly sealed, and leak-tested seams
  • Ultra-clean top-grade materials
  • Lightweight all-in-one septum and hose/valve fittings
  • Choice of polypropylene, stainless steel, and PTFE fittings
  • Bags stocked for immediate delivery
  • Largest selection of bag materials and sizes
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Lowest prices
  • Technical support


SKC Bag Materials and Construction

SKC manufactures its sample bags from ultra-clean top-grade films including 3-mil SamplePro FlexFilm, 2-mil Kynar PVDF, 5-mil 4-ply FlexFoil PLUS, 2-mil Tedlar, and 2-mil FluoroFilm FEP. Seams are strong, evenly sealed, and leak tested.



SKC sample bags are stocked with a choice of fitting to meet your applications. SKC bag fittings are not "off-the-shelf" industrial fittings but are designed specifically for air sampling. Choose from SKC quality fittings including dual stainless steel or all-in-one single polypropylene, stainless steel, or PTFE fittings that combine the hose/valve and septum into one lightweight fitting.